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    Take the reins and unlock your own potential.


If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own business, why not invest in something that’s already successful? At SandFree, we offer a unique and innovative solution to floor refinishing that is being utilized all over the country – and you can be a part of it. If you have the resources, management skills, and drive to succeed, we can help you create a business that you can stand behind with enthusiasm and pride.

Low Risk, High Reward

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Excellent Services

At SandFree, we offer services like our “sandless” floor refinishing process and our ColorMagiQ finish colors for nearly every type of flooring.


Excellent Profits

With our lucrative pricing and support programs, you’ll experience the profits that we’ve been enjoying for over 40 years.


Scalable Business Model

Our business model is extremely scalable, so no matter what your goals, our experts can give you the help you need to reach them.

Our Story

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“What I’ve found is that by adding SandFree, my [flooring] market has greatly expanded. Work that I would not have gotten, I’m getting. When they see the truck, people stop me on the street corners to schedule appointments.” – Michael Savino